Coco Milou Padding

Weirdest thing about you?
I’d have to kill you if I’d tell..

You’re a creative type. How do you stay inspired?
I try to see the extraordinariness in everyday things. It sounds a bit gay, but I try to imagine how it would be if for example colored sky didn’t exist. If we would live in a world where the air is simply white. Imagine someone would tell about a place, where the sky is in constant conversion from blue to yellow, pink and eventually even black. It helps me to see clearly how particular the things around me actually are. It would be ideal if I could integrate that in to my future career: to create immersive experiences that enable people to see the fucking brilliance in the ordinary.

Are you bossy?
Yes. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Amsterdam your favorite city?
I’ve got a youth crush on Amsterdam, because Hey Ho you gotta start somewhere. But Sydney is my kryptonite, I moved their by myself at age 18 – scariest thing ever – but best experience. It’s the most refreshing thing to do, to leave your safety bubble and wonder into a new world with new people and new adventures. To give life a different context. It keeps me agile. It’s as if you can reinvent yourself every time. Building a new little kingdom, nothing but good memories.

What’s a hidden talent that you have that most people don’t know about?
I can pull off one killer card trick, It’s fucking magic. But besides that, I illustrate on lone-wolf nights.

Your ultimate weekend?
Well, let me rephrase it in a mathematical formula:
Coco’s Miraculous Formula For Good Times:
Car x imaginary drivers license + creature-in-crime Iman / (New York – Evil yellow cab drivers) + DiaBeacon Museum x a night out in Chinatown with weird new person you just became best friends with = The ultimate weekend.
Oh, and do add a lethal dosis of Lychee martini’s to that – done.
You’re welcome.

Favorite Daily Sugar?
A lady doesn’t browse and tell, but maybe Naressa Valdez..
In the end intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Styling: DENHAM

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