SMS Audio (Studio Mastered Sound) goes Amsterdam and I got the opportunity to shoot a video for an ‘Everyday Life’ themed concept for this headphone brand by 50 Cent.

For those who don’t know the brand, here’s some information: “Exceptional sound quality, style & durability, SMS Audio has created a world-class headphone like no other. Combining technology, function and style to bring you the highest caliber sound, comfort and fashion to every product. Introducing 50 Cent as majority owner to the brand, 50 Cent had no intention of becoming another rapper with a headphone and instead of just slapping his name on a product, helped to engineer a line “SYNC by 50 Cent” & “STREET by 50 Cent” to compete at the highest level with our other brands in stores today“.

Not only did I get to meet 50, but I also got the chance to add him to the video. Check out an everyday life in Amsterdam with SMS Audio’s SYNC and STREET models, and get a chance meeting 50 yourself today at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. From 17:00 till 19:00 there’s a private release party, and he’ll be there to take photos and shake your hand;). Press play below to watch the SMS Audio promo.