Meet the stunning Amsterdam-based photographer Martika Avalon de Sanders. Styled in Opening Ceremony, Wood Wood, Han Kjøbenhavn, Maison Kitsuné and shot in her own hometown.
Get to know Martika below.

Photographer, Editor,

3 Things you want to achieve the upcoming 5 years:
I would love to be more successful at what I’m already doing and to be able to travel even more with my photography. I would like to live and work in LA for a little while. And I have recently started a new project with a friend (that I can’t say too much about yet). But I would love to eventually see it grow into a big production/ branding company.

Describe your style:
I would describe my personal style as clean, feminine- yet sporty, and timeless.

Dream collaboration:
I would love to work with Pharrell one day! It doesn’t matter on what project.

What is your morning routine:
I wake up, take a shower (usually I shower too long) And I’m taking quite a long time to get dressed. So sometimes I skip breakfast. Especially if i have to get up really early. And I’m usually not hungry in the morning anyway so I just drink thee. And have breakfast around 11 am.

Your personal motto?
Do good and good will come to you.

What inspires you?
Traveling, Fashion, Interior Design

What albums are you listening right now?
I kinda never listen to full albums.. I listen to a mix of old R&B soul music and New Hip hop.