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How Much Time Do We Spend on Social Media?

This infographic, created by Mediakix, shows us how time we average spend on social media.

Thrasher presents Skate Rock: Mexico Part 1

Thrasher presents their latest skateboarding video in some of Mexico's most insane skate terrains.

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Thrasher Presents Its ‘This Is Not the Mehrathon Video’ Skate Film

Watch Thrasher latest skate film titled 'This Is Not the Mehrathon Video' featuring riders: Dylan Righthand, Dylan Dillz, Phil Dulude, Jesse Ramirez, Marc Tison, Barry Walsh, Leon Chapdelaine, Kirk Roach, Maxi, Mathias Fortier, Jessy Jean Bart, Gab Lalande, Christ St-Cyr, Mackenzie Carruthers, Max Cote, Adam Hopkins, Cody Cormier, Matias Fortier, Kirk Roach, Rat Pack, Sean Lowe, Nimrad, Shayne Eldridge, Jacob Williams, Mike McCourt and Raj Mehra of Mehrathon.

Casey Neistat Built a Human Flying Drone

Flying over the stunning ski slopes of Finland hanging on a self-built drone.

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